Real time Diagnostic Monitoring for Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease management is healthcare’s biggest challenge. Patients with chronic diseases and their doctors deserve the same breakthrough in care that diabetics obtain from continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). Kilele Health enables CGM+ , which for the first time will enable real-time diagnostics for chronic disease indicators beyond glucose.

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A biosensor breakthrough

Needle sensors, microneedles, the debate is on, but it matters little for chronic disease management unless you can create a biosensor which is long-lasting. Kilele has created robust aptamer biosensors that can accurately monitor for a week or more in body, along with an aptamer integration process that transforms existing CGM devices without changing the underlying CGM architecture.


Unique and smart path to rapid patient access

Kilele enables existing CGM manufacturers to provide real-time monitoring of comorbidities of diabetes using the existing CGM device that patients already wear and trust. Kilele offers to these providers a one-stop-shop for robust aptamer biosensors, and the intellectual property needed for both freedom-to-operate and for blocking of other startups. This same strategy will enable Kilele and its partners to address additional chronic diseases which consume 75% of direct health care spend in the U.S.


Kilele was co-founded by diagnostics industry veteran Andrew Cothrel with globally recognized aptamer experts Jason Heikenfeld and Ryan White, who continue their prolific research and invention track record. The path to biosensor startup success is perilous, as evidenced by a large graveyard of previous well-funded attempts. Kilele’s team has previously experienced this pain first-hand, and patiently waited for the right-time to launch the right technology strategy for the right applications with the right market-facing partners. Kilele’s team further includes deep expertise with Aleksandar Karajic leading biosensor development and a bench of globally-recognized clinical advisors aligned with early go-to-market applications.

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